This Is Our Story

Hamilton Engine was founded in 1954. We have 60 years of experience applying gas and diesel engines to any application requiring a turning shaft. Some of our markets include, agricultural, construction machinery, welders, compressors, material handling, pump/irrigation, forestry and mining. We work with OEM, repair and replacement or custom projects.

We specialize in:

We offer 12 to 800HP Diesel engines by Deutz, Isuzu, & Volvo and 20 to 500HP Nat Gas & LP engines by Husker Power and Zenith. Our generator brands include UQ Power, Taylor Power Systems and Yanan USA along with Alternators by Marathon Electric and Yanan USA.

For more information about a specific manufacturer, please visit their web site by clicking one of the links to the left. Call us toll-free at (800) 437-3644 to talk with a representative.

Hamilton Engine, LLC

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